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Auto & Trucking

Lee and Tony work with a dedicated team of professionals at  Livingston Law Group to handle your car or truck accident case.  

Our success in trying cases increases the opportunity to get your case resolved out of court, but if the time comes for trial, we are ready. 

Clients who want our cell phone numbers have them, and we now have the ability to text you directly and share your file with you online.  

LLG has a strong intake process for car accidents in Virginia

Our firm's intake is detailed and specific, allowing us to help you value your case and to determine a fair legal fee rather than charging a cookie cutter 1/3 contingency fee for car and truck crash cases like other firms.  

What is the value of my car or truck accident claim and what fees will I pay?


We will not charge the same fee for a challenging case as for a case that might be resolved quickly, meaning you may be able to keep more of your recovery.   

To schedule a free consultation, please call 434-218-7772

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