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Lee Livingston is one of only a handful of Virginia lawyers who regularly represent victims of legal malpractice.  Lee obtained a 7-figure settlement in a complicated business transaction case against one of the top firms in Virginia, and understands how to put on the so called "case within a case" required to win a legal malpractice case in Virgnia.

Unfortunately, legal malpractice insurance is not required in Virginia so cases must be carefully screened not only for merit but also for insurance and recoverability and economic viability.  Lee has been evaluating legal malpractice cases for 29 years.  


When engaging an attorney, clients entrust their livelihood - to that attorney. So when an attorney, either negligently or intentionally, breaches that trust and causes harm to the client, the attorney must be held accountable. We take our client obligations very seriously, so when other attorneys fail to do the same, Livingston Law Group is there to pick up the case and see that it is handled and resolved professionally and justly.

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Legal Malpractice

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