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Trial Attorneys

Specializing in Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice and Legal Malpractice



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Winning Top Verdicts and Settlements:


Every injured person deserves the very best result.  Lee Livingston has a 29 year history of achieving exemplary verdicts and settlements for deserving clients.  Attorneys who refer cases to Lee selected him as a "Go To" medical malpractice attorney in 2021, and he was part of what is believed to be the largest settlement in Virginia history in a drunk driving crash case. 


Tony Greene is a rising star who as a young trial lawyer has already represented Fortune 100 companies in Federal court, and is now applying those skills to help people who are hurt by the negligence of others. 


Lee and Tony have been friends for 10 years and started a new firm together to create the very best personal injury trial firm in Virginia.  With the help of lawyers who send us cases, we will do much good for many people. 

Lee and Tony review over 600 potential cases per year, most referred by over 150 attorneys who trust them to help victims of negligence.  After careful screening only a small fraction of these cases are litigated.  Based on success in trials and careful screening, more than 90% of cases get settled to the great satisfaction of their clients.  


Client Care and Transparency:


Livingston Law Group is a support and foundation at times when everything feels like its crumbling. It is an honor to help victims of negligence and injustice during times of crisis.  



Our clients have open access to the attorneys and staff. Civil litigation is unfamiliar to most clients and our attorneys make themselves readily available to answer questions and guide clients through the process.



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Lee Livingston


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Tony Greene


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Livingston Law Group


250 W. Main Street, Suite 210, Charlottesville, VA 22902​

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